mino valino machine for defeathering

small birds

An innovative machine for defeathering small birds


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The innovative design and the curves of mino Valino machine impress at first glance. Practical, lightweight, easy to transport and store.

Mino Valino machine is a study work of the most skilled in poultry defeathering and has an internationally patented industrial design.


Mino Valino machine is made of stainless steel, of excellent quality, so as to always ensure the hygienic processing of your poultry, the unlimited strength and shine in time.

When holding it in your hands you immediately perceive the robustness and attention to detail.


The effectiveness of mino Valino machine is due to the quality of the functional parts of the machine. The specially constructed motor we chose, ensures the smooth, stable and quiet operation of the machine. The power cable is 2.5m long, so we can also work with the mino Valino machine at the countryside, feeding it with power from the car cigarette lighter socket, using a small power inverter. The power switch is water resistant and is located on the power cable. Inner hose in the barrel for wetting the poultry during defeathering. Specially designed fingers of natural rubber guarantee maximum durability and smooth skin contact for small birds.

  • Operating voltage: 220 V   50/60 Hz

  • Power: 25 watt

  • Barrel diameter: 30 cm

  • Height: 39 cm

  • Weight: 8.5 Kgr

  • Maximun load: 1.1 Kgr

Mino Valino machine has user security certification in accordance with European Union rules.


We made hundreds of

We did not compromise until we get to the production of the mino Valino machine. We are sure that we made a market-leading product.

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